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Mold Remediation – The First Steps

Mold Remediation – The First Steps


The first step in mold remediation service is to address the factors that caused it. This can mean correcting humidity levels or repairing leaks that led to a moisture buildup. It also means cleaning or removing organic material that can provide a place for mold to grow. Mold should be cleaned as soon as it appears because prolonged exposure can cause health symptoms in some people and some types of mold are toxic. It is also important to keep in mind that mold spores can still grow when they land on new organic material even after the mold is removed from surfaces.

What permanently kills mold?

During the process of a remediation, contractors usually wear special protective gear to prevent exposure to mold spores. This often includes booties, goggles and a respirator mask. They will also shut off any power to the area that is wet, and may use fans or dehumidifiers to help dry the area. In addition, they may use negative air machines with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to remove spores and dust from the area during the cleaning process. They will typically clean all hard surfaces with antifungal or antimicrobial cleaners. Soft materials or porous material such as drywall may need to be thrown away.

Depending on the severity of the mold problem and how long it has been there, remediation can be expensive. It is important to choose a licensed and insured restoration contractor to perform the work. It is also a good idea to hire a company that offers many services, as a specialty firm that only does mold remediation can have costs that swing dramatically when they don’t have enough work.

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