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How Much is a 28-Day Stay at the Priory?

How Much is a 28-Day Stay at the Priory?

The how much is a 28-day stay at the priory has become synonymous with celebrity addiction treatment – it’s the London clinic that household names check in to get help after drink and drugs binges. It’s also the place where they’re treated for a host of mental health problems including anxiety, depression and eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. It’s at the Roehampton facility that Katie Price will spend 28 days after being urged to do so by her family.

The hospital was built in 1811 as a private home and turned into a psychiatric hospital in 1872. It’s now one of the UK’s oldest private psychiatric hospitals and has helped stars such as Paul Gascoigne, Kate Moss and Lily Allen. Priory also has a large network of other treatment centres across the UK.

Financial Planning for Recovery: Estimating the Expense of a Month at the Priory

It’s important to note that there is no fixed cost for a 28-day stay at the priory, as this will depend on what type of treatment you need, where it’s located and whether or not you’re able to get insurance coverage for your care. All of the Priory facilities offer modern en-suite accommodation and peaceful living areas for clients to relax and recover in.

The Priory offers a range of different treatment options to suit everyone’s needs, from online therapy programs to inpatient rehabilitation. In addition, they also offer free aftercare for 12 months to help their patients maintain sobriety and well-being following treatment. This can be beneficial for anyone undergoing addiction recovery, regardless of their financial situation.

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