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Benefits of Bundling Systems

Benefits of Bundling Systems

Bundling Systems are used to combine multiple components in a system into one unit to reduce costs and complexity. Bundles can include everything from an entire pipeline to individual flowlines and insulation. These bundles are commonly fabricated onshore, but can also be designed for installation in the field. These pipe bundles typically consist of an outer carrier pipe, an inner sleeve pipe, several internal flowlines, and insulation system. These bundles are often welded or joined together with the use of flanges and bolts. Bundles are also surrounded by spacers, ballast chains and supports to ensure they stay in position.

In addition to offering convenience, bundles can offer value to customers by helping them achieve a desired outcome. This is the principle behind fast-food combos, software suites (such as the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite), cable TV packages and vacation bundles.

Future Trends in Bundling Systems: Innovations and Advancements

By focusing on the benefits of a product bundle rather than its cost, marketers can make it seem cheaper to purchase. This is known as price anchoring and can be accomplished by creating a monthly payment plan for a bundle or incorporating discounts to encourage purchase. Another tactic is using a time-limited bundle, such as a seasonal product for the holidays.

Healthcare reimbursement is moving away from traditional quantity-based payment arrangements toward bundled payments for procedures and episodes of care that consider the quality of outcomes. RAND research shows that prospective bundled payment plans can be successfully implemented, but additional evaluation is needed of patient and provider experiences with bundled payments.

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