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Winnipeg’s Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Winnipeg’s Magic Mushroom Dispensary

As medical research advances, a new breed of users is pushing the boundaries on federally outlawed drugs. Shops dedicated to psilocybin mushrooms are sprouting up across North America, catering to intrepid psychonauts who want to explore the inner reaches of their psyche using hallucinogens and folks looking for alternative therapies for mental health and personal growth.

Winnipeg’s magic mushroom dispensery is one of a handful of stores selling the federally illegal drugs in cities like Vancouver and Toronto where officials have turned a blind eye. But as Health Canada lags behind in approving therapeutic psilocybin products, a burgeoning illicit market continues to thrive.

The shop is set up as a cannabis dispensary, with a minimalist atmosphere and mushroom art on the walls. Customers have to show identification and are limited on how many grams they can buy. The store owner said they’re hoping regulators, police and governments see their business through the same lens as regulated marijuana dispensaries.

Customer Stories: Transformative Experiences with Magic Mushrooms

CBC Manitoba’s Josh Crabb visited the store to find out more about it and its clients. He sat down with Darren Lyman, who was explaining the different types of psychedelic mushrooms they sell and what kind of experience people can expect from taking them.

The store has been open since May 13 in Osborne Village and the Winnipeg Police Service says they’re aware of it. But so far no tickets or seized product has been reported. Nathan Stewart, 19, isn’t surprised by the presence of a magic mushroom shop in his neighbourhood. He said he has done mushrooms before and wants to try them again because of their potential to help treat PTSD, depression and anxiety.

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