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What You Should Know Before Getting a Lash Lift

What You Should Know Before Getting a Lash Lift

A lash lift image is the number one way to up your eyelash game. It’s semi-permanent, looks more natural than a lash extension, and lasts until your lashes naturally fall out (about every six weeks). A lash lift is also incredibly relaxing — it can be a great option for people who don’t like getting their makeup done, or for those who are easily claustrophobic.

But before you get your lashes lifted, there are some things you should know. First, “you’re going to want to come to your appointment barefaced, and that’s especially important if you wear mascara regularly,” explains Ocot. “If you wear waterproof mascara, it can actually leave a residue on your eyelashes that prevents the lash perm from taking.”

“Visual Inspiration: Stunning Lash Lift Images

Once you’re at the salon, a technician will cleanse your eyes to make sure all the makeup and oil is off your lashes. Then, a silicone mold will be applied to your eyelids. Next, the lashes are brushed up onto the shields with a brush and lash adhesive. “Then the lash perm solution is applied,” says Cordi, which usually takes five minutes to process. “A lash tint can be added for additional oomph.”

Once the process is complete, the shields are removed, and your lashes are set with a finishing serum that “restores and conditions them so they stay in place,” Buhler adds. You’ll want to avoid touching your lashes and rubbing your eyes as much as possible for the first 48 hours, since this can alter their natural curl.

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