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Weedseeds – How to Tell If You Are Getting Good Weedseeds

Weedseeds – How to Tell If You Are Getting Good Weedseeds

Weed seeds are tiny little dried fruits that are actually embryonic cannabis plants. Despite their small size they contain a lot of information about what the plant is going to grow into. They are also encapsulated in a hard shell which protects the immature cotyledon leaves nestled inside. The shell is designed to swell up with water and then encase the embryo, but not prevent it from growing. This process allows the embryo to take over growing its roots as it begins germinating.

Blossoming Beauties: A Guide to Choosing and Growing Your Own Bud Seeds

Seeds can be a little different looking and that’s part of their beauty. Each seed is unique in its own way, just like every human being is. Some seeds are a lot lighter and others are darker, some are more uniform in color, and some have dramatic tiger stripe patterns. The most reliable indication of weedseed quality is to bury them in soil and watch for germination. However, there are a few other indicators growers can look for that will help them decide whether they are getting good weedseeds or not.

For starters, it’s important to purchase weedseeds from a reputable seed bank. These companies pride themselves on the breeding skills they use to produce great weed strains and seeds that, when planted and properly cared for, will grow into high-yielding plants. They have reputations to protect and know that if they deliver less than the promise they make, then they will hurt their business by attracting growers who don’t care about quality or are not experienced at cultivating marijuana.

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